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High Sheriff of Cumbria Alan McViety

Headshot of Alan McViety High Sheriff of Cumbria 2022/2023 in ceremonial dress

I was appointed High Sheriff of Cumbria at the end of March 2022 in a centuries old ceremony that took place in Appleby with participants from all over the county and country. 

The role of High Sheriff though an ancient one is still relevant today. I aim to promote and encourage the many inspirational people and organisations in our county during this year of office.

“Cumbria is an amazing county with many great attributes and success stories. It is also a county of contrasts where many of its people face significant challenges which have been exacerbated by COVID19.

By actively engaging with those in Cumbria who are working to help their fellow Cumbrians I plan to highlight and support the many amazing people and organisations that are making such a positive contribution to this great county. I am honoured and delighted to serve as High Sheriff of Cumbria.”

Visit Cumbria - Buttermere Pine and Haystacks
Main riding a tractor through Appleby

Youth Opportunities

The High Sheriff theme for 2022/23 is Youth Opportunities

The last two years during the pandemic have been difficult for everyone but particularly so for students in education and those embarking on their careers. I would like to focus on both recreational activities and educational opportunities. The young are our future and we need to not only pass on our skills and knowledge but understand their concerns and aspirations for the future.

Appleby Grammer School students planting Hazel saplings in Holme wood for Appleby Tree Art Festival
Young people sowing seeds with the Soil Association
Cumbria Community Foundation Young people collecting books & games
Young people from Frizington’s Phoenix Youth Project created a board game swap initiative for families in their communities
Cumbria Community Foundation Helping Youngsters learn new skills - videography
Young people working on a live action puppet film with Signal Film & Media in Barrow
Cumbria Community Foundation Trainee Vet -Simon Boothroyd and Gilbert
Trainee Vet Simon Boothroyd with Gilbert
The High Sheriff’s chosen charity for 2022/2023 is Cumbria Community Foundation.

Cumbria Community Foundation provides much needed and life-changing grants to community groups and individuals across the county. Since 1999, it has distributed more than £46 million in grants, enabling positive change in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in our communities.

The pandemic has brought ongoing funding challenges into even sharper focus and exacerbated many issues such as food ­poverty, social isolation and digital exclusion. The Foundation provides vital funding and advice to strengthen local community groups of all shapes and sizes, which enables them to develop, consolidate and expand their offer, making a difference to thousands of people every day.

Read more about the impact of their grants: www.cumbriafoundation.org/grant-stories and to make a donation please visit: www.cumbriafoundation.org

Role of the High Sheriff

High Sheriff Shrievalty Badge

There is a High Sheriff in every county in England and Wales, and their history and tradition dates back before the Norman Conquest. The Office is the oldest Royal appointment. As the holder in Cumbria today of this entirely voluntary, non-political office, I hope to take an active part in supporting, encouraging and promoting the many voluntary organisations, to bring people together within the county and to support crime prevention, the Judiciary, the Police and other law-enforcement agencies, the emergency services and the other public and voluntary sector and community services that work towards making Cumbria a better place.

Latest News & Events

Headshot of Alan McViety High Sheriff of Cumbria 2022/2023 in ceremonial dress

Find out more about some of the events from my year as well as the organisations, groups and individuals I have met that actively help Cumbria, its people and its communities to thrive.

To contact the High Sheriff or to invite him to an event

I hope you find the information in this website both interesting and informative. You may like to visit The High Sheriff Association to learn more about the Office of High Sheriff  www.highsheriffs.com

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